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Mušiņmakšķernieku divkaujas Lietuvā

Latvijas MM čempionātu pastāvīgais dalībnieks Ugnius no Lietuvas atsūtīja ielūgumu uz MM sacensībām Lietuvā. Teksts nedaudz saīsināts.

Club "Flyfishing.lt" with great honor would like to invite you to take part in the competition FLYMUSKETEER DUEL 2009, that will take plance in River Merkys, Puvociai on August, 8th, where you will be able to slap your oponent with a glove and will find out which one of you is worth the honor to be called a better fly-fisher.
The principles of the competition:
- Competitors apply for the competition only in pairs. Only first 32 (16 pairs) competitors shall take part in the competition.
- Registration shall be closed on July 26th at midnight. Please apply to dvikova@flyfishing.lt
- All the duels will take place in rounds that will last from 60 to 120 minutes (will be announced). There shall be 5 rounds in total untill only one winner is left.
- Winers of each round shall select their oponents for the next round among each other. Once you loose a duel – you drop out of the competition.
- The results of each duel are declared only by mutual agreement of the competitors (there are no judges, so each pair can decide whether to fish together or apart).
- There are no limitations for fishing locations neither for transportation, but the time.
- Arms allowed – only fly fishing equipment
- The one that catches longer fish (-es) - wins. All fish complying to the Fishing Rules are eligible.
- Each participant shall have to pay a fee (will be announced – not more than 50 LTL).
The winner of the final duel shall be officially entitled as THE FLYMUSKETTER 2009 and will get the prize - a Sage ZXL rod.
Yours sincerely,
Ugnius, +370 616 10382

03. 07. 2009

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