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Important information about driving in and out from Stockholm City centre.

Between the 3rd of January and 31st of July 2006, all vehicles are to pay a congestion charge if they drive into or out of the centre of Stockholm.

How it works:
Each time a vehicle passes through any of the 18 pay stations located by the entrances/exits to/from Stockholm City, it will be registered for a congestion charge. Essingeleden Road is a national road and therefore not included. The registration is made automatically, without you needing to stop the car, either by photo of registration sign or via a signal to a transponder which is located in the front window of the vehicle.

The time for congestion charge is weekdays between 06.30-18.30. Other times; evenings after 18.30, nights, Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and the day before Public Holidays are free of charge. The fee varies between 10,15 and 20 SEK depending on time of the day on which you pass. Maximum fee is 60 SEK per 24 hrs.

How Hertz will deal with congestion charges:
Rental cars are not declared exempt from the congestion charges and therefore Hertz will charge the actual cost of the charge of the vehicle and an administration fee of 20% if you pass through Stockholm City during the time of your rental. Vat will also be added. However environmentally classified cars make exceptions from the congestions charges.
If vehicle is registered on a Friday, the credit card will be charged on the next coming Monday.

These charges are to be charged from the creditcard of the customer and are not able to be paid in advance.

If pick up at Arlanda Airport: As long as the vehicle keeps out of the centre there will be no extra charges.
If pick up at Stockholm City Office: If within 06.30-18.30 weekdays, there will be a fee registered and charged from the creditcard of the customer.

For more information please visit these websites below or ask for more information at the Hertz Office.


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